Paris Street Art Puzzle Solved

A street art puzzle located in Paris, France with a bitcoin reward has been solved. One week ago on January 6th, 2019, Reddit user Pascalboyart posted the puzzle along with a photograph of his street art to the bitcoin subreddit.

The bitcoin reward at address 1NqPwPp7hEXZ3Atj77Ue11xAEMmXqAXwrQ started with 0.25974 bitcoin however anonymous contributors donated more to raise the total to 0.28916308 bitcoin. The reward was claimed as of block height 558355 or at about 12:44 PM on January 13, 2019 UTC. The original Reddit post can be found here.

La Liberté guidant le peuple 2019 street art by Pascalboyart

The title of the art “La Liberté guidant le peuple 2019” translates to “Liberty Leading the People 2019” and is inspired by the 1830 painting of similar name by Eugène Delacroix commemorating the July Revolution of 1830 which toppled King Charles X of France. Inspiration from the yellow vests movement in France is also present with 3 people portrayed wearing the iconic vest.

La Liberté guidant le peuple by Eugène Delacroix

Some people were concerned about the censorship in the street art as the woman holding the French flag is bare-breasted in the original painting. The barefoot and bare-breasted nature of the original painting is part of the symbolism for Liberty. It should also be pointed out that even the French 100 franc banknote is not censored. Perhaps the censorship was a clue to solving the puzzle or maybe it was censored because of the stigma associated with topless women of this day.



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