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Re:Legend Pre-Alpha Character Customization

Yesterday, Magnus Games released the pre-alpha testing version of Re:Legend to KickStarter backers. With a flurry of activity in the community discord channel tamers have been exploring the world with their Magnus buddies. We take a first look at the character creation in Re:Legend.

Tamers can style their hair, eyes, skin and clothes. The color palette available for each option is limited to 12 colors. You can choose from 5 styles of hair, 7 styles of eyes and 6 styles of clothes. Colors are limited to hair, eyes and skin…unfortunately outfits do not have color options as the color palette there is for skin tone. While fairly basic, the character customization in Re:Legend leaves some room for expansion.

Overall the customization options available allow you to create a cute character. With more updates to the alpha on the way, we’ll have to wait and see what new and exciting features will be unlocked!


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