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Re:Legend Backers Alpha Details Released

With the Re:Legend Backers Alpha release only 2 weeks away on February 9th, Magnus Games has released more details about the features the Alpha will contain. It will be limited to the first chapter of the story which contains the first Biome with around 40 Magnus as well as only a single season (Spring). Features that will not be present in the Alpha are multiplayer, other seasons, marriage, house interior customization and NPC/player building upgrades. The limitations are due to stability concerns Magnus Games has with such an early build. Backers who bought the packages with Beta Access will have access to the Backers Alpha while console backers with Beta Access will also have access to the Steam Alpha. The exact amount of time the game will stay in Alpha will be announced on February 1st along with the Backers Alpha Steam keys. Users of Alpha keys will also be allowed to stream footage online.

Along with the Alpha information, several teaser images were released as well showing various aspects of the game. Some of the images include how taming works, the Barnbook and Magnus evolution just to name a few.

Taming a Magnus

Taming involves feeding the magnus the right food and completing a mini game.

Evolving a Magnus

Taking good care of your Magnus and fulfilling certain requirements will allow it to evolve into a more powerful Magnus.

The Barnbook

While the Barnbook appears to be a detailed list of your tamed Magnus. More features and information can be found on the Kickstarter Monthly Update page.

Re:Legend is proving to be a very exciting game and looks to become reminiscent of the Rune Factory franchise.

Now…if only they would let me know when I will get my plushies!


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