ARK: Survival Evolved Updates With Valentine’s Day Event

In a new ARK: Survival Evolved update today, Studio Wildcard has implemented fixes for a few important issues. In addition, the 2019 Valentine’s Day event has started. The event runs from February 12th to the 18th and brings a few interesting bonuses:

  • Creatures have a 20% chance to spawn with holiday themed colors
  • When mating, creatures have a 25% chance to drop an item. That item has a 50% chance to be one of the following:
    • Valentines Chocolate: Restores full HP, or reduces 40% off an unconscious dino’s taming bar
    • Valentines Candy: Gives your tame random dino colors when eaten

There are also a few increases in rates:

  • Mate Boosted range increased by 2x
  • Mating Speed and Mating Recovery increased by 3x
  • Creature Maturing and Egg Incubation speed has been increased by 3x
  • Baby Food Consumption has been decreased by 1/3

The event will be enabled automatically on all servers during the time period and can be enabled manually by running your server with “ActiveEvent=vday” on the command line.

The new fixes are as follows:


  • Fixed a bug causing Managarmr to die randomly
  • Potential fix for client crash
  • Ice breath is no longer stopped by a Dino Leash
  • Potential fix for Managarmrs floating away
  • Whistle Stop and Whistle Follow will interrupt the current ability
  • Increased time between freeze buffs
  • Ice breath freeze amount is now more significantly reduced by distance
  • Clamped forward dash movement to horizontal plane


  • Now show gender in the tooltip
  • Tribe log displays the name of the cryopod owner who’s cryopod broke
  • Fixes for the dino owner not transfering when stealing a cryopod with a dino in it


  • Fixed infinite trike ramming bug


  • A fix for players getting stuck when walking off foundations

Bear Traps

  • Bear traps are now placeable again!

Tek Dinos

  • Will now drop electronics/metal as intended


  • Fixed an exploit related to the Tek Sword

Desert Titan

  • Reduced the tamed Desert Titan’s total hp by 1/3

Item Stack Config

  • Only apply the global multiplier ItemStackSizeMultiplier to items that are intended to stack. This doesn’t affect ConfigOverrideItemMaxQuantity entries.

Scorched Earth

  • Removed the Ruins of Nosti gate


  • Fixed a meshing location
  • Reduced the shadow cost of some meshes
  • Defenders are now harvestable for light robotic materials 

The Center

  • Fixed an exploit related to Rafts

The anticipated Structures+ and Kibble update still remains in beta with many awaiting the release.

Patch notes can be found on the official forums. If you haven’t already, consider viewing the older patch notes in my previous post.



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