Glacial Valley – Area Showcase – Monster Hunter Online

This time we explore another cold area unique to Monster Hunter Online, so cold that it’s almost as cold as the arctic, Glacial Valley! Ice and snow cover this entire area, pretty much requiring you to keep a hot potion on everywhere you go! Some of the monsters that appear here are Stygian Zinogre, Dyuragaua, Barioth, Slicemargl and even Deviljho! The run down boat at the camp adds a very cool touch to the area!

Glacial Valley was a very slippery area, that I didn’t get to be in much so I hope to see it again in future games!

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Xycor Braves The Cold In Glacial Valley


I am an artist mainly focusing in drawing, photography and 3D rendering. I enjoy anime and gaming, which most of my art revolves around. I also have interest in tech and like to assemble computer systems.

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