Argentavis Taming – ARK Survival Evolved – AC Series E06

This time we attempt to find a high level Argentavis to tame so we have a flying mount that can actually carry things! It will allow us to farm more resources as well as tame harder to tranq animals! Using the dino gateway method, we trap a Halloween colored Argentavis and tranq it using arrows! Also, you can see the NPC bases scattered around the island and just how dangerous they can be!

Server settings:
Difficulty: 10
Items: 2x
Exp: 3x

Server mods:
Additional Creatures 2: Wild Ark
Additional Creatures: Aquaria
Forest Wyverns Remastered
Primal NPCs
Structures Plus

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Xycor on an Argentavis


I am an artist mainly focusing in drawing, photography and 3D rendering. I enjoy anime and gaming, which most of my art revolves around. I also have interest in tech and like to assemble computer systems.

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