Ancestral Tomb – Area Showcase – Monster Hunter Online

In today’s area showcase we start with the first of the high rank areas exclusive to Monster Hunter Online, Ancestral Tomb! Another area used somewhat more than others, with lush grass and healthy trees with a sufficient amount of water! It’s a great place to sit down and have a picnic, unless the monsters scare you away first! Monsters that frequent this area are Rathian, Estrellian, Lightenna, Nargacuga and even Deviljho among others! There is also a secret hidden area across the water!

Ancestral Tomb is a vibrant area and who knows what secrets it will hide in future games!

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Xycor Explores The Ancestral Tomb


I am an artist mainly focusing in drawing, photography and 3D rendering. I enjoy anime and gaming, which most of my art revolves around. I also have interest in tech and like to assemble computer systems.

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